Senior Benefit Specialists (SBS)

Turning 65 is a great milestone that can come with a lot of changes for you and your employees. Offering group health insurance to your employees is a huge asset in employee retention, it is also a costly one at times. Carriers look at many factors when determining premiums for any type of insurance, the average age of employees is a huge factor that can increase and lower costs. Employers often opt to encourage their employees to take Part B upon turning 65 even if that employee is not drawing social security quite yet. These employers often continue to pay a specific percentage or amount towards their employees’ insurance. Most Medicare beneficiaries find they are receiving less restrictive coverage and significantly lowering their costs.

Our Medicare specialists can assist in finding what works for you and/or your employees while taking into consideration current medical needs, budget, and future concerns.

Medicare is an overwhelming change for many. We are here to make it easy and assist every step of the journey.

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for individuals who are 65 or older, certain individuals with disabilities, and individuals with permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant, often referred to as End-Stage Renal Disease. Consisting of Part A(Hospital) and Part B(Medical). Covering only 80% of costs beneficiaries often elect a Medicare Part C(Medicare Advantage Plan) or a Medicare Supplement(Medigap Plan). Original Medicare also does not offer any coverage for Prescription Drug Coverage, which must be obtained either through a separate Part D plan or built into someone’s Part C policy.

All of our Medicare specialists are brokers and complete and remain licenses and contracted with all major carriers throughout the areas in which we serve. It is our job to find something that works best for you after we understand what your concerns and needs are.

Remember someone turning 65 has 3 months before, the month of their birthday, the 3 months following. There are also MANY special enrollment periods that you should be made aware of when needing to make a change.

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